Health and Exercise For Seniors

Exercise is one of the factors that help in improving the health and quality of life, especially for a senior citizen. No matter what age you are and even if you have never exercised in your young days, you can always start at any point of time. It has been proved that there are many benefits of exercising in old age, as most seniors have started taking it seriously and living longer and healthier.

The aspects that need to be considered when wanting to exercise more are seeking medical advice for health checkups, anti aging care, nutritional supplementation, diet, nutritional pyramid and utilizing time.

With age the muscle mass in the body decreases. Muscle is important for the body in many ways because it keeps the body strong and burns the calories so that the body weight can be maintained. It also contributes to bone strength and balance of the body. The muscles of the body are interrelated to the neurological system of the body. If you want to perform any action with your muscles, the brain first processes the thought. It then sends signals to the muscles which need to move and perform the action.

Why is it that after 60 people find it difficult to start or continue a strict exercise program? As one grows older the body’s system slows down, movements and reflexes slow down too, immunity reduces and healing is also slow. However, science has discovered ways to help the body to renew itself and make it easy to get the energy to participate in an invigorating exercise routine.

To maintain optimal health it is wise to benefit from the many different ways your diet can be supplemented. You may need to support optimal organ and tissue function with products that have been scientifically proven in clinical studies.

Before starting any exercise program consult a doctor and/or a dietician, so that your state of health can be checked and you can regulate your meals and diet according to their advice. Ask about the nutritional pyramid and anti aging care. Eat the food that suits your body, and not the food that makes you sick, even though you may enjoy it.

It is interesting to note that if you start exercising, for example by joining a weight-lifting program, the muscle patterning improves, even though there is no increase in the muscle mass. Hence exercises can be beneficial for seniors as they can get stronger without building big muscles. Walking is the commonest exercise recommended for seniors, as walking burns the fat in your body. A simple-to-use step counter could be a part of your daily fitness program, just to add to your weight loss plan and get rid of unwanted fat. Walking generally helps you to get better sleep, so that you can wake up fresh the next morning. A senior should make walking a part of everyday life; it will contribute to your overall health. Join in trails or walking programs organized by your community. It can be exercise as well as fun for all the seniors. Another idea is to start a walking group, where people of the same age group can walk together.

Strength exercises for seniors should be done with care, especially if one is starting for the first time. Go slow and build up step by step, so that you don’t lose confidence and give it up totally. There are certain safety tips which every senior should be aware of. While doing strength exercises in a fitness center, concentrate on your breathing. You should never hold your breath, as it may affect the blood pressure. The body is not agile, so don’t use jerking and thrusting movements, just make the movements smooth and steady. The muscles may remain sore for a few days and there may be slight fatigue as well. But there should not be exhaustion and sore joints. If painful muscle pulls should occur, the exercises are not being done properly. Muscle e

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